Darhon Software is focused to provide solutions for mobile and desktop devices supporting Qt framework. The actual range of targeted platforms directly depends on the wide and ever growing Qt ecosystem. 

The current scope for our distributions includes Android operating systems for mobile platforms and Linux and Windows operating systems for desktop platforms.


Darhon Finance is now Open Source

The finance application for desktop is now prepared to be released in Flathub and its license has been changed to GPL (3.0) as part of the transition.

Version 1.5.0 will be the first release under the new agreement.

syncBackup 2 is out

syncBackup has been fully re-designed using QtQuick instead of QtWidget. It will help to make future maintenance easier and more flexible.

It will also be ported to Flatpak in the near future and Snap later on.


Safebox and mobiFinance received an update

OneDrive and Google Drive have been added as additional options to backup your database in Safebox and mobiFinance.

A bug affecting the Pie report and the ability to show the labels for the parts has been corrected in mobiFinance. More details in the release notes.