Darhon Software is focused to provide solutions for mobile and desktop devices supporting Qt framework. The actual range of targeted platforms directly depends on the wide and ever growing Qt ecosystem. 

The current scope for our distributions includes Android operating systems for mobile platforms and Linux and Windows operating systems for desktop platforms.


New releases for Safebox and mobiFinance

Safebox and mobiFinance have received an update of their libraries to comply with changes in Android API 29.


cryptoTrade is here to help capitalize with digital currencies

cryptoTrade is a trading system that does automatic arbitrage between crypto currency exchanges.

Crypto markets are still a new and inefficient market. Several exchanges exist around the world and the buy/sell prices they propose can be briefly different from one exchange to another. The purpose of this application is to automatically profit from these temporary price differences.

Packages for Darhon Finance has been updated

The packages of Darhon Finance for Linux desktop have been compiled with the latest version of Ubuntu.

The version remains the same (1.4.0), but it will be possible to install in newer releases of Ubuntu.