Knowledge base for questions related to mobiFinance application.

Where is my database located?

The application creates a database when you run it for the first time. It is located in the standard storage location on your device.

Standard location for Linux Platform: /home/user/.local/share/data/Darhon/...
This location is the same for the Gold and Silver version of the application.

Standard location for Android Platform: /data/XXX
Where XXX is a unique folder for each application. It will be different for the Silver and Gold version of the same application.

Can I install a Gold version on top of my Silver version?

Yes, it is possible as both applications use different package names and each will work independent of the other one.

What happen with my data if I uninstall my application?

It will depend on your device's platform.

Android/iOS Platform
Your database and binaries are stored in the same private location, it means that if you uninstall the application, it will remove all files in this location including your database.

Linux/Windows Platform
Your database is stored in a separate location from the binaries. Therefore, your database won't be deleted after unintalling the application.

Privacy policy (MBF)

This privacy policy governs your use of a software application (“Application”) on a mobile device that was created by Darhon Software.

What information does the Application obtain and how is it used?

User Provided Information – The Application obtains the information you provide during normal use. It includes accounts information and transactions between accounts.

Automatically Collected Information – No information is collected from your device automatically.

Version Matrix (MBF)

Description Silver Gold
Tracking of account balances Yes Yes
Filter transactions by Account, Payee, Class, Category and Clear/Reconciled status Yes Yes
Filter accounts by Bank, Type, Currency and Clear/Reconciled status Yes Yes

System requirements (mobiFinance)

The following requirements apply to each platform:

Android Platform specifics

  • Supported only from API level 14 (4.0 version) and later.

iOS Platform specifics

  • Supported only in the following devices (iOS might need to be upgraded on some devices):
  • iPhone 3GS and later
  • iPod Touch third and later generations
  • iPad 2 and later
  • iPad Mini

Linux Platform specifics

  • Install the latest version of Qt framework for full compatibility (>=Qt5).

Windows Platform specifics

Release notes (MBF)

Changes in 3.1.1

  • Library upates to comply with Android API 29

Changes in 3.0.0

  • New look and feel based on Android's material design

Changes in 2.2.2

  • Implement Light Theme for Android
  • Implement inline web browser for cloud services' authorization

Changes in 2.2.1

How to download the application package?

Please follow the instructions below to download the package for your platform:

  1. Go to the download area, and click the download link for your operating system.
  2. When prompted with the "File Download" dialog, select "Save this program to disk" and save it in a place you will remember, like your Desktop.
  3. When the file is downloaded, proceed with the installation.
  4. For further instructions on how to use the software, download the User's Guide from the documentation area.

Where do I find my application code?

It is located in your application's About dialog. The format is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX and the 'X' correspond to a number (0 to 9) or a letter (A to F).

Did you loose your activation code?

It shouldn't be a problem. Your activation code is available in your account under your order. You just need to locate the correct order number and click on it to open the order detail.

In case you have many orders and you don't remember the number, each order shows the relevant Application Code for your reference.


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