Common problems and solutions

Problems when uploading or downloading your database to Dropbox

Before attempting to backup or restore your database, it needs to exist in your local machine. To create a database for the first time, you simply click on Login and a message will be shown reminding that it will be created for the first time and a password needs to be selected. Once this is done and you are logged in, just log out and proceed with the intended backup or restore operation. Be aware that when restoring, the existing database will be replaced and you will need to use the correct password to access the new one.

Exchange markets are reporting timespan or nonce errors

When a request is submitted to a market, the data delivered includes the time when the request was generated. Most of the exchange markets will allow only a few seconds difference between the time when the request was generated and the time when it was received. It is a security measure to avoid third parties to tampered your data on its way. When the elapsed time is above the threshold, the server will reject the request and respond with an explanation. The response is dependent on each server and some might not respond at all. The message reported by cryptoTrade will be based on this information. In order to avoid this problem, it is suggested for your computer to have its clock automatically updated from an Internet server.