Version 2.0 for mobiFinance and Safebox now available for Android devices

Today we are releasing version 2.0 for mobiFinance and Safebox at the same time. Both apps come packed with exited new features to cover better your necessities.

Common features include:

  • Application is ported to Qt 5 framework leveraging the last improvements in performance from this release.
  • Implement Backup/Restore capability to local storage and remote cloud services including UbuntuOne, Dropbox and Google Drive.

New features in mobiFinance

  • Implement account status to set them Active/Inactive. It will help to hide unused accounts from the main account list.
  • Implement limits for scheduled transactions. Now they will stop generating records based on end date or number of transactions.

New features in Safebox

  • Convenient button to copy fields like passwords, keys, usernames, etc. from the detailed screen for easy pasting to other applications or services.
  • Now you can change the order of fields in each category after its creation.

Starting with version 2.0, mobiFinance and Safebox will support Android and Linux OS. You can download these apps from Google PlayTM for Android devices or download the packages from our website for Linux computers.