Darhon Finance 1.0.4 is now available

Version 1.0.4 is now released and it is coming with many improvements, new features and correction of bugs.

The database has been upgraded to support some of the new features, but a new module has been implemented to manage the upgrade operation of your previous database transparently and with no intervention.

Some of the main changes are listed below:

  • Possibility to choose the currency to be used to generate your report.
  • All windows, forms and dialogs have been re-touched to improve usability in mobile devices.
  • Simplify operations replacing the double click action in lists and graph reports to the platform's default activation action. It means that for Linux, Maemo and Symbian platforms all operations previously activated by double click will need a simple click from now. But it is still possible to select rows for deleting or navigating purposes when clicking the first column of any row in all contexts.
  • Increased range of colours for graph reports.

You will find a complete list of changes in the release notes for this application.