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Ubuntu for phone could be our next target

Further an announcement of the upcoming new mobile OS by Canonical, we are very enthusiastic to find a new set of target devices in the future for our applications. Ubuntu for phone uses Qt as its native developer SDK, consequently our apps will be easily ported to this new mobile OS.


Privacy policy for our applications

Privacy policies are a key consumer disclosure tool for app developers and important to establishing and maintaining consumer trust. But it has been left behind with the the massive upsurge in mobile app popularity among smartphone users and mobile marketers.


Android may become our next targeted platform

The Necessitas team, led by Bogdan Vatra, is pleased to announce the first alpha release of Necessitas, a Qt SDK for the Android mobile platform.

This is a community endeavor not supported or endorsed by either Nokia or Google at present. Necessitas is an effort to bring Qt Framework into Android operating system increasing the already vibrant ecosystem around Qt.



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