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cryptoTrade is here to help capitalize with digital currencies

cryptoTrade is a trading system that does automatic arbitrage between crypto currency exchanges.

Crypto markets are still a new and inefficient market. Several exchanges exist around the world and the buy/sell prices they propose can be briefly different from one exchange to another. The purpose of this application is to automatically profit from these temporary price differences.

Packages for Darhon Finance has been updated

The packages of Darhon Finance for Linux desktop have been compiled with the latest version of Ubuntu.

The version remains the same (1.4.0), but it will be possible to install in newer releases of Ubuntu.

mobiFinance and Safebox are now free in Google Play

We decided to release mobiFinance and Safebox at no cost in Google PlayTM. The extra effort of maintaining a paid and free distribution for both mobile applications is not worth the commercial benefit.

Introduction of secuCam

We are happy to bring a new product to the community. This is a best effort to implement a home made security camera for your private use and without any commercial purpose.

The main features are detailed in the product page and summarized below:

Upgrading to Qt5

After some time in silence, I'm happy to inform that most of our products are getting upgraded to the new Qt5 framework. This is the latest version of the development engine for all our applications, therefore this port is a natural step.

This port will make possible to create a native version of our mobile applications (mobiFinance and Safebox) to the world of Android and iPhone.

This effort is a leverage of the new support of Qt5 in these two new platforms.

mobiFinance is out!!

Finally mobiFinance is ready for the masses. This is a new version of our Finance application totally oriented to mobile devices taking the best out of small screens. mobiFinance uses the latest development framework provided by Qt-Project for a modern and fluent expirience and orientation aware using the screen space wisely.

Some of the main available features includes:

Some words about our upcoming Mobi Finance

Darhon Finance has been oriented to work in desktop and mobile devices in a very similar way, making the experience in both platforms always familiar. It worked well with our first mobile target (Nokia N900) using Maemo OS, but the evolution of mobile platforms and the constant demand to get more modern and fluent applications satisfying more demanding users needs to be addressed.

First release for Safebox is out in the wild

I'm happy to announce the release of our brand new application oriented to store your personal and private data in only one place using your mobile phone. It is optimized for mobile devices including orientation awareness to arrange the visualization for optimum experience.

The current target platform is MeeGo for the new high-tech Nokia N9 devices, but it will be also available for Symbian devices very soon.

Some of the main features are described below:

Darhon Finance is now available in OVI store

Darhon Finance has been made available in OVI store for your convenience. The current supported platform is Maemo5 targeting the Nokia N900 devices.

We are also working with the upcoming version to support Symbian^3 in order to target the new set of smart phones released by Nokia using this OS. Once this version is tested and ready for production, it will be distributed through our webpage and OVI store. 

Completion of our web site

We are pleased to announce the web site completion and global launch of

Darhon Software's team is focused to provide solutions for mobile and desktop devices supporting Qt framework. The range of targeted platforms starts from mobile devices using Symbian and Maemo operating systems and it is extended to the desktop arena covering Linux and Windows operating systems.


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