syncbackup rsync options




When I run rsync in linux I use -a -H -A -X -h -x for command line options.

Is there a way to verify all of these are being used ?     I checked the source

code to see if they could be config'd in there but couldn't find or read where.


Just want to be sure I'm config'd as such thru a program feature, source code

addition, or a command line preview.   Runs fine otherwise.    Please advise.





The arguments are appended based on the user's configuration set up. The following code shows the arguments in their long version:

 if (g_pConfig->m_bGroup) lsArguments.append("--group");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bOwner) lsArguments.append("--owner");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bPerms) lsArguments.append("--perms");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bLinks) lsArguments.append("--links");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bUpdate) lsArguments.append("--update");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bDelete) lsArguments.append("--delete");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bDeleteExcluded) lsArguments.append("--delete-excluded");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bIgnoreNonExisting) lsArguments.append("--ignore-non-existing");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bIgnoreExisting) lsArguments.append("--ignore-existing");
  if (g_pConfig->m_bRecursive) lsArguments.append("--recursive");