Darhon Finance - sometime is not responsible


After several months of using the application I want to notice that sometimes (often) after attempting to save a new transaction and pressing the button "apply" the program returns to the account but does not record the transaction. It is necessary to close the entire application and then log back in order to record this transaction. Usually it makes when you try to introduce several transactions in different accounts one by one. In practice occurs that, after login in the application must make a record of transaction, then you have to exit and then you have to re-login for seamless recording a new transaction. When the transaction is not recorded program does not show any message. I don't know whether the cause is in many transactions that are recorded in the current file.

The program is installed on the Nokia E6 has about 10 accounts (with approximately 20 transactions), 10 shedule transactions set a monthly budget of about 20 categories.

Please your advice.