Darhon Finance - sometime is not responsible


After several months of using the application I want to notice that sometimes (often) after attempting to save a new transaction and pressing the button "apply" the program returns to the account but does not record the transaction. It is necessary to close the entire application and then log back in order to record this transaction. Usually it makes when you try to introduce several transactions in different accounts one by one. In practice occurs that, after login in the application must make a record of transaction, then you have to exit and then you have to re-login for seamless recording a new transaction. When the transaction is not recorded program does not show any message. I don't know whether the cause is in many transactions that are recorded in the current file.

The program is installed on the Nokia E6 has about 10 accounts (with approximately 20 transactions), 10 shedule transactions set a monthly budget of about 20 categories.

Please your advice.

This seems to be a problem with the platform (symbian) and SQL engine.

I'm using Maemo N900 and I have around 15 accounts some of them very active where I reached more than 300 transactions already. And I didn't notice any sort of problems like the one mentioned above. It takes longer to load my records, but apart from that everything else works well.

We noticed the same behavour when we created a database in a desktop or maemo and then we tried to use this same database inside Symbian.

Make sure you have created your database originally in your mobile phone (E6). 

So I understand that E6 should work only with its database.
Is it possible this database to be supplemented from the desktop on PC and then again to be imported into the mobile phone or best way is to used just phone database?

Is it possible to synchronize both data base, without having seen the above problem?

Yes, it is recommended for your Symbian device to work with its own database. But there is a way around which makes a desktop database also usable inside your phone. You will need to change a couple of pragmas parameters as follows:

1. Install a SQLLite client in your desktop (i.e sqliteman for Linux).
2. Open your database using the client and locate Pragmas parameters (It is in one of the main tabs for sqliteman).
3. Set page_size=8192 (originally as 1024)
4. Set auto_vacuum=1 (originally as 0)
5. Close the SQLLite and copy the database back to your phone.

Now each transaction you do should be recorded properly. And you can still share this database with your desktop.

You can also remove some previous transactions that were recorded wrongly (and aren't shown in your accounts) using this same tool just by deleting them from "trans" table.

Thanks for your clarification on the case.

I installed sqliteman for windows 32 (since I have not Linux on my computer).
I managed to delete erroneous transactions and to fix the database (everything is OK), but I still have problems with changing page_size of 8192 also change auto_vacuum to 1.
As I read on the web the page-size may only be set if the database has not yet been created. I tried to change the page_size and auto_vacuum of new file created in sqliteman and I have no problems to do that. But in my database DRF I can not change these pragmas. So I still have no working database for phone.

Please help.

With this instruction I set pragma auto_vacuum to 1, but with page_size steel don't change to 8192. I tried to change setting of WAL to off with SQLite manager addons Firefox and I did. Then I tried again to follow the instructions for Vacuuming but without success for page_size.

"Normally, the database page_size and whether or not the database supports auto_vacuum must be configured before the database file is actually created. However, when not in write-ahead log mode (WAL), the page_size and/or auto_vacuum properties of an existing database may be changed by using the page_size and/or pragma auto_vacuum pragmas and then immediately VACUUMing the database. When in write-ahead log mode, only the auto_vacuum support property can be changed using VACUUM"

Sorry for the late response. 

You are right, changing the PRAGMA parameters after a database and tables are created isn't straight forward. But, it is still possible as follows:

1. Execute the command "Vacuum" from System menu.
2. Change auto_vacuum=1
3. Execute the command "Vacuum" again.
4. Change page_size=8192

It worked well in my system.

Thanks so much for instruction - it worked.
I fixed my database and now everything is OK.