Feature Request: autofill-in transactions



Darhon Finance does a great job.

I am still comparing it somehow to my old Palm program "Pocket Money".
There was a functionality that I would name "Auto fill in".
After a certain item was entered several times, the program filled out the rest of the fields except the amount of money.

In the case of Darhon Finance I try to give an example:
I have entered e.g. on the "Cash" account several times the Payee "Taxi", the Category "Taxi" and the Class "Private" with
various amounts of money.
So after e.g. the 5th time entering the same (number of times should be adjustable in e.g. the Settings dialog) if I enter "Taxi" at Payee or
"Taxi" at Category, Darhon Finance fills in the other fields.
-If in the Settings dialog I set some check box "Fill in amount of money" or similar, Darhon Finance takes the
amount of money that was taken most of the times (this would be even more than "Pocket Money" did).
-If there are several possibilities for e.g. Payee if I select the Category "Taxi", Darhon Finance may give those possibilities
in a list together with the usual way to enter a new payee.
-alternatively if I enter the Payee "Corporation XY" Darhon may display a list of categories that I have used in connection with that
payee and the alternative to enter a new one.
-as an additional plus which "Pocket Money" did not have maybe the user can select, which Categories and which Payees
must not have autofill-in (some check list?)
-to switch off autofill-in completely by setting the number of times to "Never" or alike.

This would ease the input of transactions (not that it is very difficult now).
Importance of the feature: I'd say low because Darhon Finance is very much usable without.

Thanks in advance