Version 1.1.1 Darhon Finance


This is a great improvement operationally compared to the previous version so thank you guys. It is faster to use since you made the subtle changes to yhe input areas.

Believe it or not but I record every single transaction that I make and have done for some years with other software and I find it invaluable in helping me to monitor my spending patterns and always have money on hand for bills etc.

Nice to here that our application is useful in your daily routine. A happy user is the best reward for our effort.

Version 1.1.1 is great. Thanks for the search functionality. I have just one question: when I have transaction between two account I can mark " cleared" transaction only in one of this accounts. I think the right way is to have possibility to mark "cleared" this transaction in a both accounts.

This is a conceptual behaviour more than a technical issue. It seems for us an expected response to avoid possible mistakes with transactions shown as cleared or reconciled in the next account (where the money was transferred) before you even compare this next account with your statement.

Yes I agree with you that the account where the money came first have to be verify compliance of the transaction and then be marked as cleared. But once this is done in the account from where the money comes transaction should also remain cleared (but the application automatically changes transaction uncleared, the application allows only in one account transaction to be marked as cleared). Following this logic, as an example: if you have several accounts and you want to calculate the balance of cleared transactions, you will received total sum with mistake (some of transaction was not marked cleared, because they can not to be marked as "cleared"). What is your opinion about this?

I understand your concern. Let me explain you how it was designed to work:

- Every time you edit a transaction which is a transfer, the paired transaction is set to unclear. This is because you might be making changes of common parameters like date, amount or class. Hence it will automatically disqualify the paired transaction as cleared.

- Now to resolve your problem regarding marking/un-marking transfer transactions independently from each other, you can use an alternative method: Click on the status icon (from Transactions View) and the icon will turn to edit-mode (marked with a thin square), then click the status icon again and it will toggle between unclear/clear/reconciled. Once it is marked as you want, click on any other column to leave the edit mode.

After reading your explanation all things was clear.
Once I clarify this issue, I think that application works very well.

Many thanks for your time.