Knowledge base for questions related to mobiFinance application.

How to upgrade your application?

Unless something else is explicitly informed in a particular case, you will be able to upgrade your application simply by installing the new version. It will override the existing one automatically without any special set up or user intervention.

I've just purchased a Gold version and need an activation code. Where do I find it?

When you purchase the activation code online, an order confirmation email is immediately sent to your email with the order number and detail of your purchase. The activation code will be processed and added to your order in your account. Once the order is completed, you will be advised by email. Enter it exactly as it appears, and the Silver version will be converted into a Gold version.

From this moment, the activation code is available in your account under your order for any future query.

How do I copy my application data from one mobile device or computer to a new one?

If the application allows you to create your database, you know the location of the file already. On the other hand, if the application created a database for you when you run it for the first time, it should be located in the standard storage location on your device.

Copy this file to your new mobile device or computer to be able to access your data as before. The database (sqlite3) is multi-platform and can be read by your app running in any platform transparently.

Do I need to purchase an activation code again when I upgrade my application?

No, in case you have purchased a Gold version for your application, it will remain active for all updates and upgrades in the future.

Updates are changes to correct bugs and add translations, while upgrades bring new features.

However, It is important to remember that your activation code is linked to your device, so it can't be transferred to a different one.


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