How to purchase your activation code and enable the Gold version?

This is only required for platforms where a Gold version is not available to purchase in the online store.

Please follow the instructions below to purchase the code and activate the full functionality of your application:

  1. Get the application code from your device before to proceed with the purchase. It is located in the About dialog (Application code) and is unique for each device.
  2. Open the product's page of your application in our web site. Locate the Purchase right sidebar and input the application code in the Application Code text box.
  3. Click Add to cart and complete the checkout.
  4. If you didn't sign up with us before; you will be registered during checkout and a separate e-mail will be sent with your account details. You will have the choice to write your username and password for your new account or they will be automatically created if you leave them blank.
  5. If you are an existing user, login first or use the same email you have registered with us, so we can match your account to link with your order.
  6. When checkout is completed, an order confirmation email is immediately sent to your email with the order number and detail of your purchase.
  7. The activation code will be processed and added to your order in your account. Once the order is completed, you will be advised by email.
  8. Enter your activation code in your app's About dialog. If the code is correct, it will be accepted and the Silver version will be converted into a Gold version.