CRT - features

  • Several exchanges exist around the world and the buy/sell prices they propose can be briefly different from one exchange to another. The purpose of this application is to automatically profit from these temporary price differences.
  • Markets included in the arbitrage are: GDAX, BITSTAMP, CEX, BITTREX, KRAKEN and LIVECOIN.
  • Currencies included in the arbitrage are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.
  • Two type of arbitrages are allowed: Fiat when US dollar is the base currency and Crypto when Bitcoin is the base currency. In each case, the result is a gain of the base currency.
  • All credencials to access your markets are encrypted.
  • Each succesful trade is recorded and a comprehensive color coded report will detail the transaction. Reports can be also exported to a TXT file.
  • A convenient tool to transfer funds between your markets is provided to help managing your portfolio.
  • A backup tool is included to store your database in your Dropbox account.