Some words about our upcoming Mobi Finance

Darhon Finance has been oriented to work in desktop and mobile devices in a very similar way, making the experience in both platforms always familiar. It worked well with our first mobile target (Nokia N900) using Maemo OS, but the evolution of mobile platforms and the constant demand to get more modern and fluent applications satisfying more demanding users needs to be addressed.

As a consequence, we have a work in progress to create a more dynamic, eye candy and hopefully simpler application replacing Darhon Finance only for mobile devices. This is how Mobi Finance will born for the newest Symbian and MeeGo platforms in a first step with the bases to be easily ported to iOS and Android devices in the future. The latter would be based on the effort of many developers working on making Qt framework available in other windows systems. 

Darhon Finance will be always available and completely supported for Maemo and Desktop platforms. And we will ensure that both applications keep the same database structure, so you will be able to access your data from either of them in a transparent way.