Darhon Finance 1.1.0 is now available with brand new modules

One more time Darhon Finance gets updated bringing more functionality and bugs fixed. We hope that many of the feed backs and requests from existing users are now fulfilled and we encourage to our small but growing community to participate in the forums providing comments, observations, new requests or simply communicate your experience using our applications.

Budget module upgrade:

  • Unlimited number of budgets can be created and filtered by classes.
  • Date range can be customized and make the budget recurrent or fixed.
  • Each budget can have its own currency.
  • Quick  view makes easier to analyse the various budgets' time progress and how good or bad are your expenses according to your targeted budget with the help of progress bars and color coding.
  • Previous budget settings will be lost after this upgrade. Therefore, we recommend to write down the budget field from General/Category to re-create your budget using this new module.

Search module:

  • This version is introducing a new module to search for transactions across the database.
  • Use all available parameters to narrow your search and make your life easier looking for lost transactions.

On top of the new modules, many bugs have been fixed and observations were corrected. For more detailed information refer to release notes.