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can't add a Budget correctly

I trying to add a 'Budget' on my Nokia N9.but i found that i cant input a number in budget>categry below line3..

No activation code? Purchased on Ovi store as well as here...

Purchased mobiFInance Gold on the ovi store for my N9, noticed it was only at v2.2, so I re-downloaded the .deb package from the main site, and it needs another activation code. So, I purchased one using PayPal, order #126. There is still no activation code, unless it takes over an hour to get an email/update with the actual code. I have only gotten PayPal receipts, invoice notifications and that's it. Nothing about activation code.

I would like to use this app :) Thank you!

show reconciled balance

Could you possibly add a reconciled balance next to current balance on transaction list screen and/or account list screen?

Date insertion stil not working with version 1.2.1

The same date insertion problem still exists using version 1.2.1 on my NOKIA E7-00 but the other upgrades to this version are great.

Upgrading from Silver to Gold on My Nokia E7

I have been using the silver version of mobiFinance for a while now and today I tried to install the Gold version which I paid for in Nokia store.

The application tried it's best to install but failled to do so.

I Guess the problem is because I tried to install over the top of the silver version.

If I uninstall the silver version will I loose my data when I install the Gold version?

What should I do. The Nokia store has no instructions for upgrading from Silver to Gold.



Roger Knight

Date insertion incorrect

Thank you for the recent update to Mobifinance they are great and also make the program very efficient.

However, there is a problem with the insertion of the date on my Nokia E7-00 belle. If I input say 31/072012 I get 30/7/2012 instead so it is always inserting 1 day less than the correct date.

Is there something that I am doing wrong or is there a bug?

Can I help fix it for myself and also perhaps can I help you? 

It is impossible insert transactions on February (any year)

Hi, I use the gold version in a Nokia N8 (Belle).

I've tried to insert some transactions with date in Feb, 2013, but the app, automatically changed the month to March. I've made several tests (different days, or years), but always the result has been the same: March instead February!

One important thing is that I observed this problem after the last atualization. Before, I didn't have noted this problem. In fact, if I try change any saved transaction dated as February the app assume March.

 Do you have some tip to fix it?

Sorry for my English.


default entry should be negative number

default value entry should be negative number as the bulk of transactions are expenditures.

mobifinance not displaying transactions

twice now I've had newly entered transactions not show up in my register even though their dollar amounts are still being counted. the first time i was able to 'fix' by renaming the payee from Lori's to Loris. The second time it happened the payee name also ended with 's but rename did not work. i also have other payees that end the same way and they're fine. I'm no expert but i looked briefly with sql browser and saw nothing tell-tale. sadly, this program will be unusable if transactions refuse to show.

Mobi Finance



Do you have a projected release date for Symbian "Belle" platform MobiFinance?


Regards woja53

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