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Search Functionality

Currently Darhon Finance has no search functionality afaics.
I'd like to have a search functionality to look for certain strings or substrings in transactions.
a dialog where I can enter the search string "*Restaurant*Goldener*"
and then all transactions containing these words are listed in a separate dialog.
For a first shot searching without regexpr (e.g. "Goldener") would be ok.

Maybe there is some offline search possibility in the *.drf database for the time being?

Darhon Finance



I bought Darhon Finance for Symbian. It is a very powerful software but I have a problem setting up expense and income accounts. I don't know how to set up the accounts. Can you provide a guide to set up account that can show money in and money out.

I would like to customize the appearance of the field also. I want to be able to hide particular field and only show the field that I want.

I am using Nokia E6 and the software sometimes a bit lag.

Thank you.

[Observation]Split transaction: "...don't match amount"?

I am getting an error message when I try to apply the transaction dialog with Split transactions:
"The split transaction don't match the amount"
What does that mean?
Is there a list of error/warning messages somewhere (did not find that in the user manual)?

Shouldn't Darhon Finance simply sum up all split transactions and present the sum in the transaction dialog?

After 1 day of usage:
Darhon Finance is a great piece of software and a very good replacement for my previous palm program for
that purpose.

Darhon Finance on OpenSuSE 10.3?


I was looking for a simple but good finance tracking software for a long time
and I thought I give Darhon Finance a try.

I installed the RPM package on OpenSuSE 10.3 without problems.
But when starting the program as a normal user I get:
drfinance: symbol lookup error: drfinance: undefined symbol: _ZN19QStyledItemDelegate16staticMetaObjectE"

How upgrade Finance on Maemo?

I bought Finance from Ovi store but installed version is 1.0.3 then, I want to know how can I upgrade it to 1.0.4

Please let me know.


Budgets wth Date Periods

I'd like to see budgets with specified date periods and the ability to pro-rate for graphing and tracking purposes.  Have a look at the app 'Buddy' for the N900 and Windows to see how this can be done.  For the time being I am continuing to use Buddy, rather than switch yet to Darhon Finance, because even though Buddy does not provide the ability to link to accounts and track balances, its budgeting ability is much more advanced.  Hoping you'll continue development with Darhon Finance and that we'll see these features soon!

Order for transactions done the same date is wrong

When I register many transactions with the same date, the sort per date shows the registers of this particular date in opposite way. In other words, the order of transactions done in one day should be presented chronologically as per they have been input.

Date formats

The format for the date should follow the one selected in settings for all cases. I've noticed that it is being used for the tables, but the format for the date buttons are always YYYY-MM-DD regardless of the settings.

I suggest to use the same format across the application.

Can we expect to have DFinance for Symbian?

I have a phone with symbian, is there any schedule release for Darhon Finance for this platform?


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