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Transfering data to a new or different symbian Smartphone

Is it possible to transfer existing data from one Symbian smartphone to a nother Symbian Smartphone.

If so what is the procedure.

Regards Roger

Version 1.1.1 Darhon Finance

This is a great improvement operationally compared to the previous version so thank you guys. It is faster to use since you made the subtle changes to yhe input areas.

Believe it or not but I record every single transaction that I make and have done for some years with other software and I find it invaluable in helping me to monitor my spending patterns and always have money on hand for bills etc.

How to update sofware in Nokia E6

How to updating the software to version 1.1.1 in ovistore is still the old version 1.1.0

Advertisement for Darhon Finance?

As your program Darhon Finance is very good I wonder why there is no advertisement in forums like


e.g. in the Application section?

There could be announcements in that forum like the one shown here:


Your posting


was very helpful for me!

Search: "Range of amounts not correct" for 8 to 9.5?

Version 1.1.0 is great. Thanks for the search functiionality.

I already made some tests.

When searching with default settings ("Any Account, Any Payee,Any Class,Any Category, No Start, No End,

Cheques:empty, Memo:empty) and Amount from 8 to 9.5 (All amounts),

I get an error message "Search: "Range of amounts not correct".

I would expect that Darhon Finance brings up the results showing all amounts from 8 to 9.5.

If I enter "8.0" instead of "8" it works.

Download with Firefox results in textpage

When I try  to download Darhon Finance for Maemo (drfinance_1_1_0_armel.deb)  I get a page with content:

"!<arch> debian-binary/ 1317878443 1000 1000 100644 4"

and some garbage of characters which seems to be the deb in text form.


When I do a right click on the link to have "Save as" I get "pubdlcnt.php" as name.

Something seems to be wrong in the download area.

I use the newest firefox (7.0.1) on Linux . This worked with firefox the last time I downloaded Darhon Finance for Maemo.

How to get started on a NOKIA E7

I have purchased and registered DFinance for Symbian and installed it on my NOKIA E7 this afternoon.

I have previously used SPB Finance ona windows Mobile 6 platform and it was terriffic. The stuff that I have so far read in the user Manual fill me with positive anticipation if only I could get the program started.

Is there a source for me to study for either/or getting started and more normal instructions?

Compatibility of SQLITE driver?

In the FAQ section I read:
"Verify version compatibility of SQLITE driver in the device before to start the application."
Which version is needed?

Is the Windows exe really all that I need or do I need the above SQLITE stuff?


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